Antalya History

Antalya was occupied by various tribes during its long history. The pergamanion King Attalos II founded in 158 BC Attaleia, todays Antalya. Romans inherited the city together with the Pergamanion kingdom. The Apostel Paulus got on land in 45-49 BC. through Kleinasien while doing his first mission journey. The Emperor Hadrian had a strong city wall build and the Byzantines rebuilt the city further by redoubling the city walls for having enough protection from Arabians. Attaleia was the last stronghold in south Kleinasien during the second Crusade (1147-1149) that was not occupied by Turks, thus was a shelter for the crusaders

In 1207 the Seljuk’s conquered the important seaport Attaleia under the commend of Giyaseddin Kaichosrev. The stronghold of the city was rebuilt and mosques were put up. After the disband of the Seljuk’s, Antalya was independent until the time, where it was structured by Murat the 1st, the Ottoman Sultan. The city was previously divided into three sections for Muslims, Christians and other religions. On Fridays from 12 to 13 o’clock, the doors between the sections were closed, since there was a prophecy that the Christians would attack the city in this one hour

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